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Online Training Programmes from August - October 2020 (Date-wise)


Sr. No. Area Group Name of the Programme                         Programme Dates (with respect to the Window Time) Window Time Minimum Engagement Hours Coordinator(s) Target Group Link to get the Programme Brochure
1 MIBF Online Programme in Techncial Analysis For Dealers August 10-14, 2020 5 days 15 hours Dr Smita Roy Trivedi Front office dealers employed in treasuries in banks and non-banking financial institutions, executives in corporate treasuries, traders (retail/institutional), fund managers, and financial markets analysts. Programme Brochure
2 Finance Online Training Programme on Retail Credit Management August 10-19, 2020 10 days 25 hours Dr Elizabeth James Junior and Middle Management Programme Brochure
3 SPMC Online Programme on Digital Marketing in Banking August 17-20, 2020 4 days 10 to 12 hours Dr Sarita Bhatnagar &
Dr Deepankar Roy
The programme is designed for middle and senior officers from Marketing, Customer Service, Digital Banking and Retail Banking and IT Departments at the Head Office and from Controlling Offices. Programme Brochure
4 Finance

Online Programme on Demystifying Statistical Techniques for Risk Management

August 17-22, 2020 6 days 20 hours Dr Arindam Bandyopadhyay &
Prof Sanjay Basu

Executives/officers/professionals posted or who are likely to be posted in the Risk Management/ Economic Research/Analytical Division. Some prior knowledge of statistics is assumed

Programme Brochure
5 HR Online Programme on Leadership for Branch Excellence August 20-24, 2020 5 days 15 hours Dr Shomi Srivastava Branch-Heads and Second-in-Command in Branches Programme Brochure
6 Finance Online  Programme on Advanced Financial Statement Analysis August 24-29, 2020 6 days  15 hours Dr Dipali Krishnakumar

Credit officers and senior executives involved in making credit decisions at  Banks and  Non-Banking Finance Companies

Programme Brochure
7 HR HR Webinar: Focus on New Dimensions of Employee Value Proposition August 28, 2020 One Day 4 hours Dr Shomi Srivastava HR Heads of banks and financial institutions Programme Brochure
8 Finance Online Programme on Lending to Large and Mid-Corporate September 7-12, 2020 6 days 24 hours Dr Richa Verma Bajaj & 
Dr M Manickaraj
Executives in Scale III to V of banks and financial institutions, who are concerned with credit to large corporate and mid-corporate, be it in Head Office, Zonal/Regional Offices or specialized branches such as Industrial Finance Branch/Corporate Finance Branch/ Large Corporate Branch/Mid Corporate Branch, etc. Programme Brochure
9 SPMC Online Programme on Customer Relationship Management and Analytics in Banking September 7-12,2020 6 days 15 hours Dr Sarita Bhatnagar Senior and Middle level Executives in Marketing Department, Customer Relationship Management and  Analytics department, IT and Digital Banking Department, Digital Marketing Department  at Head office zonal, regional, circle offices, retail asset and MSME branches, marketing and sales managers, relationship managers and branch managers. Programme Brochure
10 RFD Online Programme on Digital Financial Inclusion September 7-11, 2020 5 days 15hours Dr Naveen Kumar K &
Dr Deepankar Roy
Senior and Middle level Management Programme Brochure
11 MIBF Online Programme on Financing International Trade (Focus: LC Business) September 7-11, 2020 5 days 20 hours Dr Gargi Sanati &
Prof Jayant Keskar
Experienced Junior and Middle level officers from AD (B) category branches/offices dealing with Foreign Exchange Business with focus on LC transactions; and officers from International Banking Division/Offices handling correspondent banking services. Programme Brochure
12 Finance Online Programme on Managing Non Performing Advances during the Current Pandemic: Effective Strategies for
Prevention and Recovery
September 14-18, 2020 5 days  15 hours Dr Richa Verma Bajaj &
Dr Dipali Krishnakumar
Middle and senior level executives of specialized recovery branches, credit monitoring department, and law officers in scheduled commercial banks  and non-banking financial institutions and executives in ARCs. Programme Brochure
13 SPMC Online Programme - Branch Managers' Programme on Enhancing Efficiency and Effectiveness September 14-18, 2020 5 days 15 hours Dr Kaushik Mukerjee Branch Managers, Zonal, Regional and Circle Heads and Officers from Planning Departments Programme Brochure
14 IT Online Training Programme on Information Systems Audit September 14-18, 2020 5 days 15 hours Dr Deepankar Roy &
Dr Alka Vaidya
Middle and senior management officials in banks and financial institutions working in verticals like IS Audit, Inspection and Audit, Cyber and Information Security, Risk Management, Information Technology, Internal Audit Programme Brochure
15 Finance Online Programme - Advanced Programme on ALM September 21-26, 2020 6 days 25 hours Prof Sanjay Basu & Dr Kedar nath Mukherjee Middle and Senior executives from Risk Management, ALM, Treasury and Balance Sheet Management Group Programme Brochure
16 MIBF Online Programme on Fundamental Factors for Forex and Bond Market Dealers Septembe 21-26, 2020 6 days 15 hours Dr G Nagarju &
Dr Jiji T Mathew
Treasury Heads and Delaers in Forex and Fixed Income Markets Programme Brochure
17 Finance Online Workshop on Internal Credit Risk Modelling and Portfolio Management under the Basel III IRB Approach September 21-26, 2020 6 days 20 hours Dr Arindam Bandyopadhyay &
Dr Tasneem Chherawala
Credit Analysts and Officers of the Credit Risk Management Department of banks and financial institutions who are concerned with designing, developing and validating internal credit scoring models, pricing models and credit portfolio simulation models, and are key persons in achieving Basel IRB compliance for their banks. Risk management professionals also can attend. Programme Brochure
18 HR Online Programme on Human Resource Management in Banks and Financial Institutions (Focus: Strategic Workforce Planning & Change Management) September 22-26, 2020 5 days 15 hours Dr Shomi Srivastava HR Officers in Scale II to Scale V who are working in Personnel/HRM Department at Corporate office/Zonal/Regional/ Circle offices Programme Brochure
19 RFD Online Programme on Managing Rural Branches for Profitability October 5-9, 2020 5 days 15 hours Dr Naveen Kumar & 
Dr Kaushik Mukerjee
Senior and Middle level Management Programme Brochure
20 Finance Online Training Programme on Fundamentals of Credit Analysis October 5-10, 2020 6 days 20 hours Dr Elizabeth James Junior and Middle Management Programme Brochure
21 SPMC Online Programme on  New Technologies and Innovations in Lending Operations (Focus: Digitalization of Credit Processes in Banks and Lending Institutions) October 12-16, 2020 5 days  20 hours Prof  Anjan Roy & Dr Deepankar Roy Executives and managers heading or engaged in Lending Operations in banks and lending institutions. It will also be useful for officials working in areas such as Retail Credit, MSME Lending, Information Technology, Digital Banking and Financial Inclusion verticals of banks and financial institutions. Programme Brochure
22 Finance Online Programme on Pricing of Loans and Deposits (Focus: FTP and Credit Risk Premia) October 12-17, 2020 6 days 20 hours Prof Sanjay Basu &
Dr Tasneem Chherawala
Middle and Senior Executives from Banks and Financial Institutions in the Treasury, ALM, Risk Management, Finance departments Programme Brochure
23 MIBF Online Programme on Forex Dealing with Bourse Game in Virtual Trading Platform October 12-17, 2020 6 days 25 hours Dr Gargi Sanati & 
Dr Jiji Mathew
Newly recruited forex dealers, Other functionaries of treasury such as back office and mid office, Auditors and inspectors who undertake routine auditing of dealing room business Programme Brochure
24 Finance Online Programme on Investment and Portfolio Management October 12-18, 2020 7 days 20 hours Dr Kedar nath Mukherjee Senior and Middle level officers from Banks and other Financial Institutions Programme Brochure
25 Finance Online Programme on Audit of Corporate and SME Advances Portfolio October 13-16, 2020 4 days 15 hours
Prof Siddharth Kumar Bajpai & Dr Dipali Krishnakumar
For internal auditors entrusted with auditing Corporate & SME advances portfolios in bank branches Programme Brochure
26 SPMC Online Workshop on Strategic Leadership for Senior Bankers: Growth Strategies in Challenging Times October 14-16,  2020 3 days 10 hours Dr Kaushik Mukerjee General Managers, Deputy General Managers, Assistant General Managers, Chief Managers, Zonal/Regional Heads of Commercial Banks, Co-operative Banks and Financial Institutions. Programme Brochure
27 MIBF Online Programme in International Banking and Foreign Exchange (Focus: Current Account Transactions-Regulations and Operations)
 October 19-24, 2020 6 days 15 hours Dr Jiji T Mathew &
Dr G Nagaraju
Junior/Middle/Senior level officers from AD (B) category Branches, Overseas branches, and international Banking Division handling internal forex policy,  correspondent banking, compliance, risk monitoring, etc. Programme Brochure
28 HR Online Programme on Domestic Enquiries and Disciplinary Actions October 20-24, 2020 5 days 15 hours Dr Shomi Srivastava Officers handling disciplinary action matters. Programme Brochure
29 IT Online Training Programme on Cyber Security Octobe19-22, 2020 4 days 15 hours Dr Alka Vaidya &
Dr Deepankar Roy
Middle & Senior Management Programme Brochure
30 MIBF Online Programme in Trade Based Money Laundering and Frauds in International Business October 27-November 1, 2020 6 days 15 hours Prof Jayant Keskar &
Dr Smita Roy Trivedi
Executives/Officers of branches engaged in foreign exchange business, trade finance officers working in export import departments, Current  and Capital Account remittances, foreign exchange operations, Executives/Officers in International Banking Divisions, controlling offices  and officers working in KYC/AML departments. Programme Brochure


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