National Institute of Bank Management, Pune

(An Autonomous Apex Institute Established by RBI & Banks)

( Registered as a Society under the Indian Societies Registration Act 1860
Recognized as a scientific and Industrial Research Organization by Department of Scientific
and Industrial Research, Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India )



Consultancy Projects: April 2015 – March 2016

Providing consultancy support to Banks and Financial Institutions has all along been one of the key strengths of the Institute. Needless to point out that the focus of Indian banking system kept on changing over the years so did the focus of our consultancy activities. For example, during the 70s and 80s, the said focus was more towards providing support in organizational design and development, design and implementation of MIS, strategies for improving profitability of commercial banks, manpower planning, etc. Towards the end of 80s and the 90s we have been focusing more on design and development of computerized management information systems, systems analysis and development, merchant banking and financial services, training strategies, etc. With the introduction of financial sector reform initiative of the Reserve Bank of India and the Government of India in the early 90s there were increasing demand from commercial banks to assist them in their business re-positioning, organizational re-design, human resource development, profitability and productivity strategies, etc.

Towards the end of 90s, NIBM took the lead in assisting the Banks and Financial Institutions in setting up their risk management system which include asset liability management system, managing market risk, credit risk management system design, etc. NIBM also took a significant initiative in assisting the banks to overcome the Y2K challenges. It appears that in the present decade of the new century, NIBM will be increasingly involved in design and implementation of integrated risk management systems in Banks and Financial Institutions. This will also have to address all the functional and operations dimensions of banking. The new needs of the environment will require each bank to become highly competitive in all spheres of its activities. In view of the congealed expertise of about 32 years of association with banks and financial institutions, it is quite likely that the Institute will broaden its horizon and will try to meet the consulting requirements of the developing economies in the arena of banking and finance. The Institute has already been registered with Asian Development Bank and World Bank in their DACON (Data on Consulting Firms). The Institute intends to play a more facilitating role in designing the financial structure and systems in war-torn nations. The competency of NIBM in various areas are indicated below:

  • Finance

    Integrated Risk Management Systems Design, Asset Liability Management System, Credit Risk Management System, Managing Market Risk with special reference to Managing Investment Portfolio in Banks and Financial Institutions, Risk Based Audit and Inspection, Design and Development of Lending Strategies systems and process of Commercial Banks, Managing Non Performing Advances Portfolio, etc.
  • Human Resource Management

    Design and Development of Human Resource Management System, Succession Planning, Career Path Planning, Formulation of Recruitment, Training and Promotion Policy, Climate Survey, Climate Survey, Application of HR Tools and & Techniques in Management, Human Resource Management Information System, etc.
  • Information Technology

    Design of MIS for Banks, Design of Data Warehousing, Data Mining and Customer Relationship Management, IT Audit, Design and Development of Security related issues in Computerized Environment at various levels of the Organizational Hierarchy, Internet and Web Based Banking, Application of AI Techniques in Banking and Finance, etc. NIBM has also designed in-house Decision Support Systems (DSSs) for Asset Liability Management and Investment Portfolio Management in Oracle and Visual Basics platforms
  • Money, International Banking and Finance

    Assessment of Savings and Deposits Trends and Patterns, Design and Formulation of Marketing Strategies, Customer Satisfaction Survey, Implementation of Citizen’s Charter, New Product Development, Market Segmentation Strategy, etc. Money, International Banking and Finance: Assisting Central banks in the formulation of Monetary Policy, Strategies for Financing Exports, etc.
  • Rural Finance and Development

    Micro Finance Targeting Rural Poor, Formation and Nurturing of Self-Help Groups, Participatory Rural Credit Planning, Estimating Growth and Development Oriented Credit Potential in Rural Areas, Development Strategies for Women and Children in Rural Areas, Evaluation Study of Developmental Projects, Restructuring of Rural Lending Systems, etc. Strategic Planning, management and Control: Preparation of Strategic Plan, Re-organization of Banks, Designing of Internal Control Systems, Manpower Planning, Performance Management Systems in Commercial Banks, Profitability and Productivity Issues, Capital Planning, Management Audit, Risk Based Supervision, Corporate Governance, etc


Research Projects and Sponsored Research Projects: April 2015 – March 2016

Research activities in the NIBM have a wide range in terms of topics, scope, approach and methodology. Almost all applied research projects seek to address the existing or emerging issues of the banking system. Many a studies are based on secondary data, but a large number of them collect and analyze primary data as well. Since its inception the NIBM has taken up quite a few action research projects and also specific projects sponsored by various institutions. These studies assist in policy evaluation as well as policy formulation at the individual bank level as well as at the system level. The studies are also sources for NIBM faculty to develop an insider’s perspective of the bank management issues and problems. NIBM plays a pivotal role by providing intellectual leadership.

NIBM's unique character cannot be understood without an introduction to its research activities. Hence, the following framework is adopted for a brief introduction to the content of the Institute's research activities. The studies are classified along broad functional areas. A brief commentary on the broad topics of research on each area is presented along with an illustrative list of research titles

BANK LENDING is naturally one of the most relevant areas of research for the Institute. Organizational structure for credit policy and planning, credit appraisal, and follow-up systems and procedures, process of credit decision-making, sickness of large industrial borrowers, are some of the important areas of research.



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